Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment Is The Best Book Ever!

Guy Kawasaki is such a brilliant guy. His insights are beyond me and I’m very grateful for them. It is an eye opener, trust me.

In Guy’s own word, “The process of enchantment is not about manipulating people. Enchantment transforms situations and relationships. It con­verts hostility into civility and civility into affinity. It changes skeptics and cynics into believers and the undecided into the loyal. The goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about a voluntary, enduring, and delightful change in other people. By enlisting their own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that others can embrace, you can change hearts, minds, and actions.”

I’m recommending this book to all of you who wish to sell something by not selling it, instead by making them wanting to buy.

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