Are You Creating a Movement Out of Your Brand?

While majority of large brands execute engaging integrated marketing that covers the entire stream of traditional marketing channels, the small medium brands needs to look at their budget first or perhaps just execute marketing.

That is what we are doing at NSE.

Let’s face it, being widely known and established name is good for a brand. Yet in this era seems it is not enough. The right question to answer is this. How to make your brand stands out when there are thousands of other competitors out there that offer similar products and services like yours?

When I established NSE years ago, I had to scratch my head trying to find a way making the brand stands out – far beyond others. I need to make a movement out of this. But how?

Then I began to ask myself these questions:

What is the real gap in the market that NSE could fit into nicely? In February 2011, I notice something weird. While majority of large brands execute engaging integrated marketing that covers the entire stream of traditional marketing channels, the small medium brands needs to look at their budget first or perhaps just execute marketing. While larger brands have deeper pockets to execute super duper powerful billboards and print ads, the smaller guys just do billboards and print ads. Cost comes first, then only quality.

Everyone knows that smaller guys aren’t designed to fight in traditional marketing – due to cost. The war is lost there, big time. It is the wrong battlefield for small medium enterprises to fight on. Realising this, they then turn to online and tried their luck to fight there. They’re changing their battlefield and bringing it online. Yet, same thing happened. Cost is again the major obstacle. They still producing content, but just a content. Not even close to become a killer. Nothing special, not enough excitement, no emotions and not enough powerrr to fight their larger competitors. On the other side, their larger counterparts retaliate with bigger ammo and bulldoze the entire market with their engaging content.

Here, I could see the gap is very obvious. SMEs whether they realise this or not, they need help. Or they’ll die.

What are the real solution to offer them, which they will find it extremely useful and hard to resist? I decided that NSE needs to be on the SME side and fight against their bigger deep-pocket enemies out there. We came up with a simple yet powerful value proposition to them. To make this work, the only thing these SMEs need to do is to change their mindset. The proposition is very straight-forward. We do killer creative content for their online marketing but they must willingly allow us to supply them those. Our offer has both elements of a marketer’s perspective that combine with powerful visuals supported by graphic designing works that adhere to the marketer’s direction. Now that’s unique.

How can I do it for almost free so that the clients think that NSE is on their side? The soft spot for SMEs is price. They are extremely sensitive when this topic arises. So to make the proposition works, NSE is doing all the creative works for ‘almost’ free. Remember, it is not just a creative works but also a marketing purpose that drives it too. With the highly valuable proposition being offered at the almost free price, it’s just nuts. We make them not to think much about it and just proceed with the work. We immediately took out the obstacle and put it aside. We want them to see the value they will get out of this, and win the game together with us.

Is the solution following the trend? We are now in a new era and decade altogether, and no longer in 1990s. In this era, visual plays a very important role in capturing attentions. People are getting lazier to read, so they turn to visuals for faster input.

Can they live without NSE? Obviously they can live without us, but it will be slightly a difficult life. You see, they may need to pay premium prices for those engaging content they want to build. They have a couple of options. One, hire a graphic designer and work on the content themselves internally. However, the graphic designer may not have a clear understanding, direction or crystal objectives as per what a marketer has. Technical guy and marketers are wired differently. And two, outsource the creative work to a freelance graphic designer. Same thing will happen, no direction where the content is going. End up, it will look plain vanilla. Will they achieve their objective and win the game? I don’t think so.

Now you see how we are working on trying to make a movement out of the brand. So as a brand yourself, we need to create a footprint or maybe a boot print in our own respective industry. For us, it will be a very significant effort to stand out rather than just stay relevant in the market. And people needs to notice this. So you may want to revisit what your brand has to offer and create a movement out of it. Create a movement yourself, and make your brand stand out.

We are creating a movement here for our brand. How about yours?

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