#MIHAS2017 Is Now Trending On Twitter

I am currently leading a team of digital marketers, managing the Matrade’s 2017 Malaysia International Halal Showcase or MIHAS 2017. This breaking news just came in perfectly, ending my Thursday with a big smile.

An hour ago after the news broke saying that #MIHAS2017 is trending on Twitter, the hashtag was at number 7. The jump somehow happened very fast and it was just beyond us when and how it happened.


The MATRADE’s team members were then informed about the ‘victory’. This early win is very crucial to boost everyone’s faith on the job done. This is the situation where I called it as a Brand Movement.

Yes, not bad. Not bad at all. We are on the right track so far. Trending at number 2 is fantastic. Exposure is what we always wanted and today we got it.

Despite all these, we will continue to stay grounded. Trending is never permanent anyway, just temporary. But to me this moment is very special.

We are #2 now, perhaps for just another 5 minutes. Then it’s gone. Yet the memory lives.

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