Introducing A New Logo for Azleen’s Blog

The previous iconic sketch of Azleen’s profile picture is finally replaced after contributing substantially to his personal branding since a year ago. The initiative to replace the existing logo below is needed as is embarking into it’s 2nd stage of corporate journey this month.


Good bye smiley face, you will be badly missed.

Talking about the new logo of, it still represents a casual black-and-white theme which design is inspired by Uniqlo. The simplicity of Uniqlo logo design triggered this change for to ensure that our logo is super easy to remember and to be well recognisable widely by our regional audience and followers.

In conjunction with the 2nd stage development of the branding journey, we have invited two guest bloggers to help Azleen to contribute to the articles’ production on the weekly basis. Soon, please expect at least 2-3 articles per week here at Azleen’s Blog from February 15 onwards.

Till then.

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