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We are looking for contributing writers, within the niche of Branding, Digital Marketing, Content and Social Media. It doesn’t matter where you are located, full-time employed at organisations or even a no-string-attached kind of freelancer. All we need is to have someone with excellent command of English, deep understanding on the subjects mentioned earlier, good attitude and awesome level of discipline.

Local language you say? We can consider that too. As long as you can produce a brilliant piece of article, we are open to the idea.

We shall have you as our contributing writer first before moving up the ladder to become a regular contributor. During the initial period, you are required to write and submit an article on case-by-case basis. If we like what we see, then we’ll talk.

No monetary compensation during the initial period as a contributing writer. Despite that, in the submitted article, we will allow you to have not more than five backlinks to be directed back to the website(s) specified by you. You will enjoy traffics that come from Azleen’s Blog in exchange for the content.

It’s a new game altogether when you become a regular contributor. We can discuss further commercially for a long-term mutual benefits. End of the day, you’re happy, we’re happy and everyone wins.

Here’s the form for you to fill up if you want to give it a shot.

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